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12 May 2024

Release Overview


Agent Shift Management

The agent shift system efficiently manages the work hours of support teams, dynamically adjusting agent availability based on their scheduled shifts. When agents are assigned shifts according to their allocated hours, the system updates their availability status automatically. 

This streamlines the auto-assignment process, distributing support tickets to available agents and resulting in faster and more efficient customer service responses. 

Load Based Au

8 April 2024

Ticket approvals module

We've enhanced the mobile app by integrating the Ticket approvals module, previously exclusive to the web version of the agent portal. With the Ticket Approval feature, your agents can conveniently create approval requests directly within the context of their tickets. Here are some examples:

  • Requesting approval from a manager for a 30% discount to be applied to a customer.

  • Seeking approval from a manager for the purchase of new hardware.

Personalize portal settings from m

10 March 2024

Release Overview


Enhancements in the design of the agent portal 

We have redesigned the overall appearance of the agent portal. Further improvements are underway and will be made available in upcoming releases.  

Additionally, admins now have more options for customizing colors via the agent portal settings. A new "Theme Color" has been introduced, allowing you to customize the colors of all elements. Previously, only the sidebar color was supported.

Soon, we will extend this support

22 February 2024

Mobile app 

Contact & Contact groups

The Contact & Contact Groups module, which was previously exclusive to the web version of the agent portal, has now been integrated into the mobile app. Users can now create, edit, search, and filter contacts directly from their mobile devices.

Add / remove watcher in ticket and activity

Introducing the Watcher Feature in our mobile app! Enhance collaboration by effortlessly adding or removing watchers to tickets and their activities, ensuring crucial tea

10 December 2023

Release Overview

Mobile app 

Activity module included in the mobile application 

The activity module, which was previously exclusive to the web version of the agent portal, has now been integrated into the mobile app. Agents have the flexibility to monitor and handle their activities anywhere and receive instant updates on them right from their mobile devices. 

Improved User Interface (UI) for the Switch Account feature 

We've revamped the UI for the Switch Account feature to provide a more intui

10 November 2023

Release Overview

Ticketing System 

Additional configurations to manage CC field 

The option to manage the configuration for the CC field at the organizational level has been provided. This can be accessed via Admin > General Settings. 

Contact Module

Advanced filters and views support for Contact module 

The Contact module has been updated to include advanced filtering support, functioning in a manner similar to ticket filtering. These filters can also be saved as views. 

Activity Module

Worklog opti

15 September 2023


Additional Language Support  

13 new languages have been added to the BoldDesk. This brings the total number of BoldDesk-supported languages to 26. For a complete list of supported languages check this page.

These additional languages include

  • Bulgarian

  • Chinese

  • Danish

  • Dutch (Netherland)

  • Greek

  • Hungarian

  • Malay

  • Russian

  • Romanian

  • Thai

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Vietnamese 

Ticketing System 

Agent Signatures Support

When an agent opens a reply editor of a ticket, these signatures are automatically filled in editor.

17 July 2023

Release Overview

Ticketing System 

Ability to Forward Tickets to External Users

Agents can now forward a ticket or a specific ticket message to any agent, customer, or third-party vendor. When a ticket or message is forwarded, a "Forward" activity will be created under the ticket. The person to whom it is forwarded will receive an email.   

If the forwarded user is a customer or a third-party vendor, they can't view the forwarded activity in the portal. They can only view conversations v

17 July 2023

Artificial Intelligence 

Next Generation AI Features 

AI features will soon be available as an add-on, in BoldDesk. AI features will be available only in Enterprise or Business Plan additional add-on. For a limited time, we are offering them for free. 

AI features can be enabled or disabled in the Admin module. 

Ticketing System

Ticket Summarization

The ticket summary can be used by agents to improve their productivity in several ways. 

A ticket summary includes the following information: 

  • Identifying t

26 May 2023

Multilingual help desk

BoldDesk now supports multiple languages. Currently, it supports the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Czech

We will be adding support for more languages in the future.

To set up multilingual support, you will need to add a new language in the Language settings page in the Admin module. Once you have added a new language, you can translate the text.

Multilingual support can be set up for the following features:

  • Customer portal

  • Agent portal

  • Fields and

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