10 March 2024

Release Overview


Enhancements in the design of the agent portal 

We have redesigned the overall appearance of the agent portal. Further improvements are underway and will be made available in upcoming releases.  

Additionally, admins now have more options for customizing colors via the agent portal settings. A new "Theme Color" has been introduced, allowing you to customize the colors of all elements. Previously, only the sidebar color was supported.

Soon, we will extend this support to customize the color of elements for the customer portal app in an upcoming release.

Dark theme option in the agent portal

An option to choose a dark theme has been included in the agent portal. This new feature allows agents to switch to a dark theme via the profile menu. The feature is being enhanced and existing glitches will be addressed in our upcoming releases.


Additional configuration options in the worklog settings 

We have introduced additional configuration options to manage worklog settings. 

Admins now have the options to: 

  • Make it mandatory to add time spent when adding replies or notes. 

  • Make it mandatory to add description. 

  • Set the default worklog type as billable or non-billable. 

Enhanced control over  closed ticket actions 

We have added new settings for the 'Closed' ticket status which can be accessed via Ticket -> Fields -> Status -> Edit status.

Admins can set the following ticket actions to occur whenever an end user replies to a closed ticket either via email or the customer portal: 

  • Automatically transition the 'Closed' ticket status to 'Open'. 

  • Create a new follow-up ticket (The ticket fields will be non-editable in the customer portal) 

  • No changes should be made to the closed ticket. 

Support for IP restrictions in both the agent and customer portals 

An option has been added to implement IP-based restrictions. This enhanced security feature allows administrators to restrict access to the agent or customer portal based on specified IP addresses and ranges.

Edit the profiles of deactivated agents 

Previously, editing the profiles of deactivated agents was not supported. Now, we have added the option that allows administrators to edit profiles of agents that have been deactivated. 

Support for the Traditional Chinese language

BoldDesk now supports the Traditional Chinese language. This addition brings the total number of supported languages to 27. Checkout list of supported languages here.

Import agents and groups

We have added an option that allows administrators to import agents or agent group data from an Excel file.  

Ticketing System

Play audio files directly within tickets

Users can now play audio files directly within tickets without the need for downloading the file.   

When integrating a voice note message from another system using the Rest API,  the audio file will be rendered using the browser's default audio player if content is added in the proper HTML format. 

Additional fields in the advanced ticket filter 

We have introduced additional fields in the worklog advanced filter that allow users to retrieve data on Total Logged Hours and Billable Hours. 

Use Case: To find a ticket without a worklog, you can use the filter  'Total Hours Logged' 'Is empty'. 

Support for bulk restoration of deleted tickets 

We have introduced an option that allows users to perform bulk restoration of soft-deleted tickets. 

Copy a ticket message 

We have provided an option that allows users to copy the ticket message for sharing.

Home page

Retention of the previously selected columns in grid view

Support for searching private note messages

An option has been provided to search content in private notes within the global search. 


Improvements in the reports module

We have made the following improvements in the reports module:  

  • Multiselect option now available for agents and groups in the agent performance report. 

  • The customer satisfaction report now includes a new field for "Rated by." 

  • The contact performance dashboard now supports grouping by the category field. 

  • The "Ticket ID" field has been added to the advanced search in the report module. 

  • New fields, contact tags, and contact group tags have been included in the advanced filter. 

  • Hyperlink support for important field has been added to the ticket export function. 

  • Updated the SLA stats widget logic for SLA Achieved tickets, counting achievements and breaches differently. 

  • Worklog report has a new "Group by" field - Ticket/Activity linked ticket. 

  • A new column "Total Tickets" is now included in the SLA achieved Vs breached tickets widget on the SLA dashboard. 

  • All reports now adhere to ticket access scope and brand-level data restrictions. 

  • The export option is available for all tables. 

Time format updates across all reports

Time format adjustments have been made for time fields in all reports. When exporting reports to Excel, date-time fields now adhere to the time zone that is specified in the user's profile. 



View all approval requests

An option has been introduced in the approval module that allows users to view all approvals.


The control over who can view the entire list of approvals is managed through the Roles and Permissions module. Furthermore, users can now disable the visibility of the approval module via the permission module. 

Activity Module

Improvements in the activity module 

  • Support has been added to update the status while replying to comments in the Activity module. 

  • The last selected activity type filter will now remain selected.  

  • Waiting for the Requester is mapped to the Hold Status Category instead of the Pending category. So, waiting for requester activities will now not be listed under the My Pending default activity filter. However, there is an option to create a new filter based on your needs.

  • Besides, users can now turn off permissions for certain roles


Introduction of IMAP Support 

We have enabled IMAP support that allows users to synchronize emails from the inbox to BoldDesk tickets. 

Artificial Intelligence

Introduction of a Chatbot (Beta) for agents 

We have introduced an AI chatbot to assist agents in replying to tickets. Agents can ask queries, and responses are generated based on knowledge base articles. 

The AI Chatbot feature is only available in the Enterprise/Business plan. To use this feature, the admin has to enable it from the Admin panel  


Add activity from automation rule 

The Create and Update trigger automation now supports the addition of the task type to a ticket if certain conditions are met. 


Mailchimp integration

The integration with Mailchimp enables you to manage campaigns and mailing lists directly from BoldDesk.

The following are key features of this integration:  

  • View all campaign details.  

  • Manage mailing list details.  

  • Unsubscribe audience members from BoldDesk. 

  • Add new subscribers to your Mailchimp audience lists.

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) integration 

The integration of Microsoft Entra ID allows the automatic synchronization of user accounts with BoldDesk. 

The following are key features of this integration:  

  • Seamlessly synchronize users as both contacts and agents. 

  • Effortlessly create users within BoldDesk. 

  • Instantly remove user access when no longer required. 

  • Maintain synchronized user attributes between Microsoft Entra ID and BoldDesk. 

Insert language-specific articles in ticket replies 

We have provided the option to specify the language when inserting knowledge base articles in ticket replies. 

Mobile app 

Explore the requester's profile and view their tickets 

We have added an option that allows users to view a ticket requester's profile and their tickets directly from the mobile app.

Update the activity status when adding comments  

We have added a functionality that allows users to easily update the activity status when adding comments to activities. 

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