10 December 2023

Release Overview

Mobile app 

Activity module included in the mobile application 

The activity module, which was previously exclusive to the web version of the agent portal, has now been integrated into the mobile app. Agents have the flexibility to monitor and handle their activities anywhere and receive instant updates on them right from their mobile devices. 

Improved User Interface (UI) for the Switch Account feature 

We've revamped the UI for the Switch Account feature to provide a more intuitive and visually pleasing experience. 

Knowledge Base

Support for bulk restoration of deleted articles

We've introduced a new feature that allows for bulk restoration of several deleted knowledge base articles in one go. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to restore a large number of articles. 

Support for bulk permanent deletion of articles 

We've introduced a new feature that allows for permanent deletion of multiple knowledge base articles in one go. This  significantly reduces the time and effort needed to permanently delete a large number of articles.  


Thread message support in Microsoft Teams integration

The integration with Microsoft Teams has been improved to include conversation thread messages linked to the main ticket messages whenever the ticket is updated, a reply is received, or a note is added. 

Slack Integration 

The integration of BoldDesk with Slack allows users to receive instant notifications within chats and channels whenever a ticket is generated or edited, a reply is added, or other events occur on the BoldDesk site.  


  • Receive notifications in Slack channels. 

  • Support agents receive notifications for ticket events. 

  • Customize notifications sent to chats and channels based on criteria such as brand, category, and status. 

Ticketing System 

Added ability to preview attached images before downloading 

Previously, users had to download images attached in tickets to view them, as there was no preview option available. 

Now, images can open as a preview in the browser, eliminating the need to download the file first for viewing. 

 The tooltip displays worklog editor's information

Previously, there was no indication when a worklog was edited. However, with the current update, any alterations to a worklog will be marked with a clear indication. Information about the individual who made the edits can be viewed within the tooltip. 


Integrating the activity module's worklogs into the Worklog report 

The Worklog report has been updated to not only display worklogs from tickets but also to include information from activity module worklogs. Additionally, it provides a feature to choose worklogs from both modules collectively or from individual modules selectively. 

The Reports module generates exported files with hyperlinks for specific fields 

The exported file from the Reports module now includes hyperlinks for the following fields.  

  • Ticket ID  

  • Update ID  

  • Requester  

  • Agent  

  • Contact Group  

  • Activity ID

The Reports module's table view now supports all types of customer fields 

Custom field selection for all data types is now enabled in the dashboard widget's underlying data. Previously, some custom field types were excluded from selection.