17 July 2023

Artificial Intelligence 

Next Generation AI Features 

AI features will soon be available as an add-on, in BoldDesk. AI features will be available only in Enterprise or Business Plan additional add-on. For a limited time, we are offering them for free. 

AI features can be enabled or disabled in the Admin module. 

Ticketing System

Ticket Summarization

The ticket summary can be used by agents to improve their productivity in several ways. 

A ticket summary includes the following information: 

  • Identifying the intent of the conversation, such as: What is the customer trying to ask? Are they seeking help, reporting a problem, or making a request? 

  • Analyze the sentiment expressed in customer requests. 

  • Generating a summary of the conversation: This includes a concise overview of the interaction between the customer and the agent. 

Rephrasing Content 

Helps agents rephrase content to provide a professional response to customers. The tone of the content can also be selected, such as "Standard",  "Fluent" or "Professional". 

Elaborating Content 

"Elaborate" option helps in expanding and expounding on the content. By elaborating on your content, you can make it more informative, which in turn helps you better communicate your message to your customers. 

Shortening  Content  

"Shorten"  option helps reduce the content length. By removing unnecessary words and phrases, you maintain the meaning of your text while making it more concise. 

Grammar Correction 

By utilizing a "Correct Grammar" check feature, you can enhance the quality of your response and ensure it is error-free. 

KB Article Summarizer 

The "Summary" feature assists in summarizing a knowledge base article. 

KB Meta Description Generator 

Produces an SEO-friendly meta description for a knowledge base article by leveraging the content of the article.