15 September 2023


Additional Language Support  

13 new languages have been added to the BoldDesk. This brings the total number of BoldDesk-supported languages to 26. For a complete list of supported languages check this page.

These additional languages include

  • Bulgarian

  • Chinese

  • Danish

  • Dutch (Netherland)

  • Greek

  • Hungarian

  • Malay

  • Russian

  • Romanian

  • Thai

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Vietnamese 

Ticketing System 

Agent Signatures Support

When an agent opens a reply editor of a ticket, these signatures are automatically filled in editor.  

The signatures can be set up either globally across the brand or individually for each agent. 

Global Level Configuration

Personal Settings

Print ticket capability   

This feature allows users to print tickets. Tickets can be printed from either the customer or agent portal. 

Instant access to requester's details in card view 

This feature gives users  instant access to requester's details in card view. Users can view requester details by hovering the cursor over the requester's name. 

Ability to track ticket requester's IP and browser details 

This feature allows you to view the requester's IP address and browser details for easy troubleshooting.  

New icon for skipped email notifications  

This new feature displays an icon for indicating the skipped email notifications.  

Creating a child ticket from a parent ticket 

This feature provides a simpler way to create a child ticket from a parent ticket.  

Additional "In Group" operator support in ticket filter 

The "In Group" operator has been added to the ticket advanced filter. It works with the following user-based fields:  

  • Agent 

  • Requester 

  • CC 

  • Watcher 

  • Mentioned  User 

  • Created By 

  • Last Replied By 

  • Last Modified By 

  • Participated in Private Conversation 

Using this filter, tickets can be filtered by group members. 

For example: Applying the filter Agent  "In Group"  Finance Department will show tickets assigned to any agents within the finance department group, instead of just showing tickets specifically assigned to the finance department group.  

New configurations and settings for custom fields 

The following two configuration settings for ticket fields have been introduced.  

  • Field visibility option in the ticket creation page: controls whether or not a field is visible in the create screen.  

  • Option for editing fields after creation: controls whether or not fields can be modified once a ticket has been created.  

Additional fields in the advanced ticket filter page 

The following additional fields have been added to the ticket advanced filter. 

  • Has Any Attachment 

  • Attachments Count 

  • Has Any Activity 

  • Activities Count 

  • Has Any Approval Requests 

  • Approval Requested Count 

  • Approval Approved Count 

  • Approval Rejected Count 

Additional fields in the ticket export page 

The following additional fields have been added to the ticket export.  

  • First Assigned Time 

  • First Response Time 

  • Response Achieved Count 

  • Response Breached Count 

  • Resolution Achieved Count 

  • Resolution Breached Count 

  • SLA Achieved Count 

  • SLA Breached Count 

  • Reopen Count 

Activity Module 

Ability to add custom activity types 

This update allows the addition of custom activity types. A total of ten types can be added.  

New custom activity types can be created by navigating to the Admin module > Activity Fields > Types. 

Ability to save activity filters as views  

This update lets users save activity filters as views, similar to ticket filters. 

Inclusion of email delivery logs in the activity module 

The delivery logs feature has been included in the activity module.  

Ability to customize activity email templates 

Users can now customize activity email templates. To utilize this feature, navigate to the Admin module > Email Notifications module. 

Webhooks support for approval module 

Approval events have been incorporated into webhooks. This update facilitates the transmission of real-time data from the approval module to external applications. 


Ability to Import KB document from word or markdown file 

This feature allows users to directly import KB articles from existing word documents or Markdown files. It eliminates the need to retype content when creating and editing articles. 

Ability to make SEO fields mandatory for articles 

This new feature allow users to make SEO fields mandatory for articles. This rule is only applicable to articles that are publicly accessible. 


Advanced filters for worklog reports 

The Worklog report now includes advanced filters. 

Ability to update customer profile information, including custom fields. 

This update allows customers to update their profile information, including custom contact fields. The visibility of these fields can be managed from the admin panel. 


Option to turn off SLA 

This updates provides the option to turn off the default SLA. SLA will not be imposed on tickets unless users set up one. It helps to allocate SLAs to tickets assigned to a specific department responsible for customer interactions.  

 Rest APIs 

To prevent XSS attacks, HTML inputs to Rest APIs should be passed as HTML encoded.