19 October 2022

Knowledge Base Software

Finally, launching the much-awaited and requested feature “Knowledge Base Module”. You can use it at no extra cost.

Check out the comprehensive knowledge base features here: https://www.bolddesk.com/knowledge-base-software

Check out this guide for getting started.

Salient Features

  • Intuitive and user friendly

  • Multi-level folder structure support

  • Multi-Brand Knowledge Base Help Centers

  • Help Centre customization

  • SEO friendly with auto sitemaps generation

  • Approval workflows

  • Drafts and revision history

  • Markdown and WYSIWYG editor support

  • Fine-grained access control options

  • Create the internal or external documents by specifying the visibility permission at the category or article level.

Knowledge Base integrated with ticketing system

Support agents can search for articles and include a link while replying to customers, without leaving the ticket screen.