19 October 2022

Ticketing system

Auto-suggestion of articles to your end users during ticket creation

If the Knowledge Base module is enabled, your end users will be suggested with the relevant articles on the ticket creation page.

Merge Ticket

The merge Tickets option allows you to combine two or more tickets into a single ticket. For more details, refer to this article.

Enhancements in Ticket Advanced Filter

In ticket advanced filters, an additional level of filtering support has been added. You can now apply the AND/OR filter in ticket advanced filters.

Edit messages or notes

Agents can edit a reply or note a message that has been posted in a ticket. Permissions can be used to limit the use of this feature. For more details, refer to this article.

Lock or Unlock the ticket

Using this feature, editing the specific ticket properties can be restricted. The user who has permission only can lock or unlock the ticket. For more details, refer to this article.

Preview the attached file before updating a ticket

Provided support to preview the attached file before posting a message.

Multiple Files upload option in the ticket

Now, agents can attach multiple files while posting a reply in a ticket.

Restrict external users to creating tickets via email

When enabled, the emails sent by a user who is not added to the existing contact or agent list their emails will not be converted to a ticket. Emails from unknown users will be added to the suspended emails folder.

Allowing the creation of tickets for auto-submitted emails

Whitelisted emails are now permitted to create tickets. This allows you to create tickets from any automated system emails, such as site-down alerts. Previously, the auto-summitted emails were marked as suspended. To avoid email looping, only the first email is permitted as a ticket, whereas automated responses to the created tickets are still marked as suspended.

Additional fields in the ticket requester section

Included the phone number and mobile number field in the ticket details page under the requester section.

Contact Management

Delete contact Forever

Provided an option to delete the contacts forever. This option is available only for soft-deleted contacts. When a contact is deleted, all details including the ticket requested by contacts will be permanently removed from the Database. This will help in meeting GDPR compliance requirements.