29 November 2022

Ticketing System

Contact group field in the ticket grid view column chooser

The option to add a contact group field in the ticket grid view column chooser has been added.

Permanently delete tickets in bulk

Multiple tickets can be chosen and permanently deleted from the Spam Tickets or Deleted Tickets pages.

Knowledge Base

Article template

Article templates helps to store the common article structure which will be reused for the new article creation. It will improve the efficiency of the article creation and have a consistent structure for KB Articles.

Rest APIs for the Knowledge Base

REST APIs and the documentations are enabled for the KB. Now using Rest APIs you can create, edit and read the categories, sections, and articles.

Option to modify the article feedback consent message

When the customer provides a feedback to an article, we are showing a consent message to ask whether the account can be created for the further communication. An option to modify the consent message has been provided.

Provided option to filter the articles in selected category and sort search result by ranking

KB search checks the matching words in the article title and description.

Now the changes made to search the articles in a selected category and return the most relevant articles at first when many matches found to the given search text.

Admin & Configuration

Email delivery failure audit logs

The Email Failure Logs section has been added to the Admin Audit Logs page. Admins can use this to track emails that were not delivered for various reasons. Email bounce or complaint logs.

Email delivery status for each message

The ability to view the email delivery status for each ticket message has been added. The option can be found under the Ticket message.

Delete Brand

Brand deletion option has been added in admin module. After deleting a brand, it cannot be recovered. If you need to temporarily disable a brand, use the Deactivate Brand option rather than the Delete Brand feature.

Hide the system’s default ticket views option

Settings are available in the admin module under the “Manage Ticket Views” module to deactivate views that are no longer needed. System views can also be hidden using this option if you don’t want them on your site.


Message tag field included in the Webhooks

Message tags can be added when a ticket reply, private or public notes are added to the ticket. This message tag property is added to the webhook payload.

Contact Management 

Merge Contact

A feature for merging duplicate contacts was added. A maximum of three contacts can be selected and merged using this feature. It can be useful when a customer has used multiple email addresses or when a user from the customer’s company has resigned. To transfer all tickets and merge them into the primary account, the secondary contacts that have been merged will be permanently deleted.