26 May 2023

Multilingual Knowledge Base

A multilingual knowledge base is an information repository that contains articles and insights in multiple languages. It allows users to access and search for information in their preferred language, making it more accessible and valuable for a global audience. It helps break down language barriers and ensures that users can find the information they need, regardless of their linguistic background.

Here are some key features of our Multilingual knowledge base:

  • Set up multiple languages

  • Create and translate categories, sections and articles

  • Manage article translation

  • Language-specific article versions & restore option

  • Language-specific article metrics

  • Multilingual tags & search options

  • SEO in article language

Primary and secondary language support

Easily set up your help center in a language your customers are most likely to use. Enable support for multiple languages, allowing your customers to access your help center in their preferred language.

Create and translate categories, sections and articles

Organizing your knowledge base articles by category and section helps to find the relevant information quickly. Translating the categories, sections and articles into multiple languages makes your knowledge base accessible to a wider audience.

Article translation status

Keep track of your article translations with the option to mark them as outdated or up-to-date. This helps the author identify which articles need to be reworked on, ensuring that your customers always have access to accurate and current information.

Language-specific article versions & restore option

Maintain different versions of your articles in various languages, with the ability to restore previous versions if necessary.

Language-specific metrics

Get insight into your help center’s performance with language-specific translation history and metrics, allowing you to optimize your content and better serve your customers.

Multilingual tags & search options

Allow users to search and tag help center articles in multiple languages.

SEO in article language

Improve your help center’s search engine rankings by setting up the SEO in the specific languages used in each article, making it easier for users to find your content.